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What is Java

Java is an open-source object-oriented programming language first released in 1995. With Java, developers can build just about anything. Java can be used to build web applications, mobile apps, IoT devices, cloud applications, games, enterprise applications, healthcare-related applications, and much more.

Class Scanner

The Scanner class is one of the most common…

Twelve of the most useful and commonly used JavaScript array methods among programmers.

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JavaScript is currently one of the most widely used programming languages among developers. It can be used for web development, game development, mobile applications, and much more.

Similar to many other languages, JavaScript allows you to create…

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Brief Introduction to Solidity

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language, meaning that it is organized by data or objects rather than functions or logic. Its main purpose is for developing smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.

If this is completely new to you, I definitely recommend checking out the Ethereum website for more information.

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